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Top 6 Popular Types of Coffee

Coffee is ranked as the second most popular drink after water. Different studies conclude that more than two billion cups of coffee consumed every day. People like to have a cup of coffee mainly in the morning and after lunch as it helps them stay awake. This is all because of thousands of antioxidants present in coffee.

There are probably hundreds of coffee types, but we list 6 best coffees in Orlando;


The most popular type of coffee in the world is Cappuccino. There are mainly three different layers in one cup of Cappuccino. The first one is the espresso layer poured directly from the coffee machine. The second layer is of hot steamed milk. Fermented milk makes the third layer, add it as per your taste. It is also known as espresso milk-coffee. You can add sugar to make it sweeter. The chocolate powder can also be added as per your flavor.

Turkish Coffee

It is one of the most popular drinks in America, Europe, and Asia. This coffee is one best-selling drink of Orlando Cafes. It is quite easy to make. First of all, add some water into the fine coffee bean powder and stir it well. Add sugar in the pot and pour well stir-drink in it. Now, heat the pot till drink starts boiling. It will make a fine thick foam head.


It is an Italian drink made with an espresso machine. This machine helps to pour high-pressure boiling water into the finely ground coffee beans. This coffee serves in two different ways; the first one is Single Espresso, and the second one is Double Espresso. Both of these only differ in the amount of coffee bean powder. Adding milk in it instead of water makes it Cappuccino.


It is one strong and sweet coffee drink. Like Cappuccino, it is also a modified espresso coffee. First of all, make espresso coffee by using the same method. Now, add creamy hot milk on top, and your Macchiato coffee is ready to serve.

Iced Coffee

This drink is for your hot summer days. Make a strong coffee and keep it aside to let it cool down first. Then add sugar and creamy milk according to your taste. Stir it well and add some ice cubes. This drink can be the best alternative to carbohydrate drinks.


It is another best-selling coffee of cafes in Orlando. This Italian origin coffee is very much similar to long black coffee, but it has stronger taste and smell. It is also another modified espresso coffee, having a less bitter taste. Add extra hot water into espresso coffee, and your Americano coffee is ready to serve.


There are hundreds of coffee types in the world. Many coffees are very much similar to one another, but every coffee has its own taste and smell. There are mainly three ingredients required to make coffee; coffee beans, water, and milk. People like to add sugar, chocolate powder, and cinnamon to build a different taste.

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