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How Gelato Is Different From Ice Cream?

When it comes to frozen desserts, two names definitely come to mind, Ice Cream and Gelato. While these desserts have their similarities, they are also quite different. There are so many differences that you can most probably consider Gelato to be totally different from Ice Cream. Although the ingredients are the same, the making process and the texture, as well as the taste of Gelato, is much different than Ice Cream.

Here Is How Gelato Is Totally Different From Ice Cream?

Basic Ingredients:

The basic ingredients for Gelato and Ice Cream are Milk and Cream. So, what're the reasons they have a different taste? It is because of the concentration of both these ingredients. Ice Cream contains a greater concentration of “Cream” as compared with milk.

On the other hand, contains a higher concentration of Milk instead of Cream. This difference in concentration contributes to the totally different taste of the resulting product.

Making Process:

The churning process of both these cold desserts is also quite different. Well, not exactly different, it is the speed at which both these desserts are churned. For example, Gelato is churned at a much slower speed as compared with Ice Cream. This allows the Gelato to have a dense texture which contains very little amount of air in it. Aside from the making process, the storing temperatures for both these products are also quite different.

Texture and Flavor:

The way both these desserts are made and the stored affects the flavor as well as the texture of these products. Gelato is much more dense and silkier as compared with Ice Cream. This is because it is churned at a much slower pace than Ice Cream. Gelato has a much smoother texture as compared with Ice Cream.

As for the variety of flavors, you won’t find so many flavors with Gelato. Ice Cream offers classic as well as a combination of different flavors. With Gelato, you can always find classic flavors like Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla, Hazelnut, etc.

Nutritional Value:

Since gelato contains a greater concentration of milk and not cream, it is much healthier than Ice Cream. Ice Cream contains a fat concentration of about 14 to 17 percent. Gelato only contains from 3 to 8 percent. Also, Gelato contains little to no concentration of Egg Yolks so there is another fact that would be good for your health.


This might not exactly be a noticeable difference that matters but still, it is true. Gelato is much easier to scoop as compared with Ice Cream. It has a much smoother texture thanks to a higher concentration of milk, and it is stored at a much warmer temperature than Ice Cream. So, when you take it out from the freezer, you’d find it to be easier to scoop as compared with Ice Cream.

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