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407 Cafe in Orlando, Florida





407 Cafe offers made to order paninis, savory and sweet crepes, coffee, frappes, cappuccino, wine & sangria, smoothies, flatbreads, salads, croissants, bagels, desserts, soups, and homemade Italian Gelato all around Orlando, FL!


From the bustling of staff moving throughout the restaurant, the sound of plates and silverware as it’s brought and placed gently on the table, and the sweet smells of everything from crepes to gelato, 407 Cafe reigns supreme in Lake Nona when it comes to the quality of service and the lavish cuisine it adds to the community. 407 Cafe is family-owned and operated and has a convenient location – just five miles from the Orlando International Airport and right down Narcoossee Road for all of us already in the Lake Nona area – that makes this restaurant a great stop for a quick bite to indulge in all your sweet and savory cravings.

When you first walk in, your senses will fill with a scent of sweetness, but it’s not overwhelming…it’s inviting. You’ll notice the bright LED lights and a luxurious black and white theme as you’re greeted by the friendly staff and upscale, welcoming environment. Oh, and you will most definitely notice the beautiful case of different colors and flavors of rich, Italian gelato filled with 30 flavors ranging from fruity strawberry to creamy dulce de leche, all of them completely satisfying. Take a seat at one of the open tables, and someone will promptly greet you with a menu filled with options that are sure to satisfy every craving you could possibly have. Whether you’re looking for local favorites like 407’s notable sweet or savory crepes, a warm pressed panini, or even just a good cup of coffee, 407 has you covered. “Our sweet crepes are loved [by] kids and adults and with the gelato on the top,” said Antonio Rodriguez, CEO, and owner of 407 Cafe.

Established by Rodriguez and his family in August 2011, the restaurant began with the idea of opening a shop that would focus on serving high quality, European gelato, as there were no other businesses in the area with a European touch capitalizing on the growth of Lake Nona. It was Rodriguez’s daughter who first suggested adding crepes to the menu as this was something else the local area was missing when it came to cuisine. Later on, the store added new items like flatbread, croissants, and bagels. “I was thinking in some space where family and friends in our community come to enjoy good food, excellent service, and an amazing environment,” said Rodriguez.

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